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What is ClawStruck?

A fast growing YouTube channel that focuses on redemption style gaming including claw machines and prize winning games.

  • Claw Science

    Learn how these games work from the inside and out! We will show you exactly how these machines are set up and how they operate. Knowing this information can greatly improve your chances of winning more prizes, more often!

  • Fixed Strength Gaming

    Have you ever played a claw machine game and watch as the claw barely even clutches the prize? That's often the way these machines are designed! We dive into this and much more in our weekly videos.

  • Payout Machines

    Did you know that sometimes the odds are stacked against you when it comes to winning these games? Come watch as we dive into strategy and ways to beats the odds.

  • Epic Winnings

    It's not all technical here at ClawStruck. Sometimes, we just like to win epic prizes and have fun doing it. Come watch as we pull off amazing wins and share our experiences with you, the viewer!

More about ClawStruck

Come join one of the fastest growing payout gaming YouTube channels and be a part of the epic community!

Active Community

ClawStruck has over 40,000 active community members and growing daily!

Learn Strategy

Learn crucial information that could help you win more prizes and have more fun with these games!

Epic Wins

Watch as we try our luck at the biggest prizes and pull off great scores!

Claw Science

Learn how these machines operate and learn how to "game" them!

Free Weekly Content

All of our video content is 100% free! Check it out without ever paying a dime.

Shop our Prizes

Coming Soon - You will be able to buy any of the prizes that we win!

The Community

ClawStruck was created because out of a passion for claw machines and to help others learn about them and to become better player. Currently, nearing 40,000 subscribers since November 2014, you can expect that the community is always thriving and full of interactive and engaged fans.

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